How To Handle Social Gatherings and Not Gain Weight

How Not To Pig Out Socially

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Would you like to know how to handle social gatherings and not gain weight?  We all love to hang out but don’t let socializing sabotage your weight loss efforts. 

Truthfully, weekends are the toughest for me to stay in control. At times, I feel pressured to eat more things than I want. Friends and family can contribute to our long-term success when it comes to weight loss by their support or lack of.

Don’t give up so easily. Just focus on getting through the evening and by implementing some sneaky strategies, no one will even know. You can at least relax without getting barraged with “why aren’t you eating.”

Here are some easy tips to help you stay in control even when tempted.

Don’t Show Up Hungry

Golden Rule #1 – don’t arrive hungry.  This will not only derail your weight loss goals but you will end up making bad choices and overindulging. It happens to me all the time when I am not prepared. 

Make sure that you eat a small healthy meal or snack (nuts, carrots, apple slices) about 30 minutes before you arrive. When you prepare something at home, then you know the ingredients and calories in what you are consuming. Eating before you attend your next gathering will keep you from making bad choices and snacking on everything you see.

Focus On Friends

Social gatherings are the perfect time to get caught up with old friends or make new ones. Life is so busy that it’s easy to lose touch with people but opportunities like this we can take advantage and get caught up. Focus on reconnecting with friends and share something interesting.  This will make it fun and more memorable.

Look For Healthy Options

Most parties/events offer healthier choices such as fruit and veggie trays.  Search out these low-calorie healthier alternatives so you know where to head when you are feeling peckish. Try to avoid the dressing and dips because this is where a lot of the hidden calories are and they will sneak up on you. Also, it’s best to avoid deli meat if possible because it is full of nitrates and high in sodium. Just saying…

Limit Alcohol Intake (Or Even Skip It)

If you are drinking alcohol on an empty stomach you will instantly get the munchies. Before you know it you are hanging out and grazing by the food table half the night without realizing it. Try and limit your cocktails but if you are going to drink then alternate with a full glass of water in between each drink. Liquid calories are deceptive and don’t take long to add up.

Portion Control

You don’t need to deprive yourself when you go out. Portion control by using a smaller plate can actually curb overeating.  Put a smaller portion of the main meal on your plate and fill the rest with salad or fruit. Take the time to really enjoy your food, conversation and savor every bite. Resist taking second portions if possible.

With a little planning ahead you can enjoy an evening out and make healthy choices without sabotaging all your good intentions when temptation comes. If you end up giving into temptation, that is no reason to abandon your goals. Just get back in the saddle the next day and refocus.

Enjoy yourself but try to do so in moderation and that way you will feel more in control, confident, happier and not gain weight.

How Not To Pig Out at Parties