15 Top Motivational Fitness Quotes To Crush Your Weight Loss Goals

15 Top Motivational Fitness Quotes

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If you have been struggling to lose weight, there is no easy way around it or magical shortcut.

It takes commitment, hard work, and dedication and a few bumps and scrapes along the way.

Staying motivated is even HARDER.  I struggle with this all the time, so I get it. 

You might hit the pavement running, so-to-speak, being all enthusiastic and eager.  In your mind, you have it all figured out.  You know exactly what you are going to do and how you are going to do it. 

Even envisioning how you will look and feel as you progress. Bye-bye couch potato.

If you have stopped and started your exercise routine more times than you care to count, don’t give up.  Sometimes all it takes is a motivational mind-shift to spring you into action.

Here are 15 top motivational fitness quotes to give you the extra push to get that amazing physique you deserve.  

#1- Successful Weight Loss Requires Action


“Action Is The Foundational Key To All Success” – Pablo Picaso

This quote really resonates with me because it is so true. Whatever your goals are you need to act on them first if you want to be successful.

No one can take that first step for you.  Are you ready? Let’s do it!!

#2- Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone


“All Progress Takes Place Outside the Comfort Zone” – Michael John Bobak

This is so true for me and probably you too.

We all get into our own personal comfort zone where we dwell in a place of mental security.  We are so familiar with our routine and pattern and stepping out and going beyond that would cause a degree of stress and risk.

Push yourself to try things that you would not normally do.  If you only do one type of workout then try something different like a rowing class or Pilates.

Take a chance and step away from your comfort zone and you will find it’s not that bad.

#3 – You Need To Change Your Mindset


“Whether You Think You Can, Or You Think You Can’t, You’re Right” – Henry Ford

Have you struggled with this mindset? 

Our attitude can really determine our success and failures. Focus on having a positive frame of mind and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.

Even with things like intermittent fasting – which restricts when you eat and not what you eat – requires not only discipline and hard work but also a positive mindset.

#4 – Learn From Your Mistakes


“Success Is Walking From Failure To Failure With No Loss Of Enthusiasm” – Winston Churchill

At some point, we are all going to experience some sort of failure when trying to meet our fitness goals. 

I don’t even want to count the number of times I have tried to lose weight and have lost my enthusiasm.

Even when I experience setbacks, I look at them as opportunities to grow. If one thing doesn’t work then I am going to try something else.

#5 – Excuses Get You No Where

“Making Excuses Burns Zero Calories” – Unknown

Just think, if we could all make excuses for skipping a workout and still lose weight. We would all be lean, mean, fat-burning machines.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way so we still have to put forth the effort if we want to get in shape.  If there was a magical pill, I would be first in line, but there isn’t.

It takes sweat and perseverance.

#6 – Take Things Slow

“Strive For Progress, Not Perfection” – Unknown

We have all heard the saying, “Rome was not built in one day.”  Well, the same goes with getting our body in shape.  It will take you time.

Make small incremental changes and you will more likely achieve your goals.  By taking things slowly you will avoid becoming frustrated and overwhelmed trying to do too much, too soon.

If you haven’t worked out in a while, then start off by just walking daily and you will reap amazing health benefits.

#7 – Don’t Deprive Yourself

“Create Healthy Habits, Not Restrictions” – Unknown

Living a healthier lifestyle doesn’t mean that you should be depriving yourself, especially of things you enjoy.

It’s all about making positive lifestyle choices that will enhance your life and make it better.

It takes time to create healthy habits, so be patient with yourself and you will reap the benefits.

#8 – Make The Most Of Each Day

“Don’t Count The Days, Make The Days Count” – Muhammad Ali

Don’t waste time by sitting back waiting for something to happen, rather focus on making the most of each day and making it count.

Have you thought about maybe cleaning up your diet by trying a Whole30 approach? Or perhaps you have been trying to get that early morning workout in but haven’t been successful?

Start now and work towards those goals without wasting another day.

#9 – Make The Most Of Each Day

“The Clock Is Ticking. Are You Becoming The Person You Want To Be?” – Greg Plitt

We all well know that time does not stand still.  When it comes to our weight loss and fitness goals, we have good intentions but it’s so hard to keep focused.

Try and set aside time each day to work on those areas that you want to improve on.  According to one study, simply by writing your goals down on paper regularly, you are 42% more likely to achieve success.   

#10 – Why Did You Start


“When You Feel Like Quitting, Think About Why You Started.” – Unknown

When it comes to our weight loss goals it’s so easy to get frustrated and give up.

Think about why you got started.  Maybe you want to have increased energy to do more.  Or you want to lose 10 pounds to fit into that favorite party dress.  Everyone has different reasons for wanting to lose weight. What is your reason? 


#11 – Don’t Let The Scale Put You In A Mold


“Don’t Let The Scale Define You.  Be Active, Be Healthy, Be Happy.”  – Unknown

Don’t let the numbers on a scale control your life.

How much you weigh is not a true reflection of who you are as a person or your self-worth.  

Focus on being active, getting good nutrition, and adequate sleep and you will a happier person. 

#12 – Fitness Is A State Of Mind


“The Act Of Getting Strong Doesn’t Start In The Gym.  It Starts In Your Head.”  – Unknown

#13 – As Long As You Keep Trying


“No Matter How Many Mistakes You Make or How Slow You Progress, You Are Still Way Ahead Of Everyone Who Isn’t Trying.”  – Tony Robbins

As long as you keep trying and progressing, you are a winner. There is no perfect pathway to losing weight and you have to keep trying until you find what system works for YOU.

Slow and steady progress will get you to your fitness and weight loss goals.

#14 – Determination Makes All Things Possible


“The Difference Between The Impossible and Possible Lies In A Person’s Determination.”  – Tommy Lasorda

Determination makes all the difference between failure and success.

#15 – Be The Best Version Of Yourself


“Every  Day Is Another Chance To Get Stronger, To Eat Better, To Live Healthier, And To Be The Best Version of You.”  – Unknown


If you need a daily dose of inspiration, these quotes will get you started.

There you have it – 15 fit quotes to motivate and inspire you to live a healthy, happy, and fit life.


If you are trying to lose weight or just get more active, what is your motivation that helps inspire you?

Would love to hear from you and what works for you.