Indoor Rowing: 8 Top Reasons To Give It A Whirl

Indoor Rowing 8 Top Reasons To Give It A Whirl

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Indoor rowing has been around a long time but there is now a new updated twist to a rowing workout.  What is it?

There has been a new trend in fitness studios offering energetic, high-intensity rowing coupled with resistance, stretching, low-impact cardio and rhythmic-based rowing. There is a workout for everyone whether you are an exercise junkie or not.

Rowing is a natural motion that most people can pick up pretty quick with proper instruction and it’s fun. 

I tried my first class out at a new boutique fitness studio in San Diego called The Row House. There are currently 250 locations open in the US and Canada with more being added. 

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8 Top Benefits of Rowing Anyone Can Experience

Anyone Can Row

It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned fitness junkie or a newbie to the gym, anyone can take a rowing class at a studio like Row House.  It is the perfect way to have fun and get in shape at the same time and there’s plenty of room for everyone. Instead of going for that latte grab a friend and try it out. 

Track Your Progress

Part of the fun of starting a new exercise routine is tracking your progress to see how far you have actually come. You can easily track your meters (or how far you have rowed) and your split (the time it takes you to row 500 meters).  All of the rowing machines have devices on them tracking your workouts to keep you motivated.

The Row House also has an app that records all of your data to enhance your performance so you can set personal goals and see results.

Low-Impact Exercise 

For people that are overweight or experience joint pain then rowing is a great alternative.  The rowing motion is natural and puts minimal stress on your joints, unlike weight-bearing exercises such as jogging.  Through a class instructor, you learn the proper rowing technique so your legs do the work, taking the pressure off of your back. Also, just by increasing the intensity you will easily break a sweat too.

Effective Cardio Exercise

Cardio exercise is an important part of anyone’s overall health and wellness. It’s never too late to start and the payoff can be great. 

Because rowing uses many of the major muscle groups it’s an effective way to get your heart rate up and increase your oxygen levels so you get an effective cardio workout. 

Weight Loss

The number of calories burned will be different for everyone due to a number of factors. The speed that you are rowing, the resistance level the machine is set for and the duration of time that you row. Regardless of your fitness level though, through interval training and alternating rowing intensity, you will quickly boost your body’s fat-burning ability.

Full Body Workout

You really do get an entire body workout.  Both your upper and lower body need to be engaged in order to complete a rowing stroke. There is no way you can cheat because you need your entire body to complete a full row each time. 

Increased Endurance

If you are struggling with your energy levels then chances are you need to get up and get moving. Starting any new sort of exercise program at first can make you feel exhausted, but working towards implementing a regular exercise program will give you more energy. 

Sense of Camaraderie

Once you climb aboard and get seated positioned with your feet strapped in and align your rowing technique you will feel a sense of excitement. Within seconds, you will be effortlessly gliding in sync to the upbeat music along with the rest. It’s much easier to get motivated when you participate in a class setting for encouragement. I had so much fun when I tried a class and anyone can do it.