The Ultimate Soft Chocolate Chip Cookie


If you are like me, you probably love chocolate chip cookies? They are a household favorite.

When I was growing up on the farm, my mother made chocolate chip cookies on a regular basis. Patiently, I would sit and watch her make them.  I could hardly wait until they came out of the hot oven just so I could sit and savor each bite.

Ever wonder how chocolate chip cookies came about?

Interestingly, they came about quite by accident. An American chef and husband owned a tourist lodge in Massachusetts and she became quite popular for her deserts. One day, she was mixing up a batch of cookies and realized she had run out of the regular chocolate she used. She then substituted it with a semisweet chocolate bar from Nestle. She cut up the chocolate bar, adding the chunks to the cookie dough, thinking it would melt like her regular chocolate. Alas, the chocolate chip cookie was born because the chunks only softened and never melted as she expected.

Who doesn’t like chocolate chip cookies!? Especially gooey, soft melt-in-your-mouth cookies. To this day, I always have a batch of chocolate chip cookies on-hand. When we have company I always like to offer them cookies.  I also give a lot of them away so I don’t eat them all.

My husband accidentally bought a package of 100 small brown paper bags. I was not sure what to do with all of them and then I came up with the idea to put the cookies I make and give them to my friends.  The kids especially love it and are always asking for more.

The Ultimate Soft Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

The ultimate soft chocolate chip cookie, as far as I am concerned, is from a food blog website called Pinch of Yum.

They are one of my favorite resources where they offer simple and tasty recipes.  All the recipes are complemented by amazing pictures.

As I said, I am a visual person, and it’s really helpful when I can see the end result of what I am making.  Check out their Youtube video below. (Credit:

I have tried many different recipes, and you probably have too.  When looking for the ultimate soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie, there are many recipes.  Pinterest was very helpful and I tried a lot of different recipes.

I am really a visual person when it comes to baking.  When I saw a picture that depicted, what I thought, the ultimate chocolate chip cookie, I gathered all the ingredients to bake a batch of cookies.

I highly recommend for you to check out the recipe on their food blog. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.  These are the absolute best soft chocolate chip cookies.

If you are looking for the ultimate soft chocolate chip cookie, you can find the recipe here. There are over 936 reviews for this recipe and many posted pictures with over 88K repins, so it’s gotta be good.

Make sure you follow the recipe and the instructions NOT TO OVERBAKE the cookies.  It took me two or three tries, but I finally got it right.  These cookies will be ready to eat in under 30 minutes and no chilling of the dough is necessary.

What are your favorite soft chocolate chip cookie recipes?

I would love to hear from you some of your ideas.

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