Dry Body Brushing for Glowing Skin?

dry skin brushing

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Pssst! Have you heard of the latest trend of dry body brushing? 

This simple technique has been around for centuries but is quickly becoming a new trend and wellness practice being offered on the list of beauty treatments.

It has its roots in Ayurvedic medicine, originating in India but many cultures have used this technique to cleanse and beautify the skin.

There is little scientific data or studies that support the benefits of dry brushing, other than in the form of anecdotal evidence. 

Either way, for most people, there is no harm in practicing dry brushing and you can judge for yourself whether or not it’s for you.

Dry body brushing involves using a stiff-bristled brush where you literally brush your skin in a particular direction from your feet to your face. It’s like getting a full body massage.

It’s a simple, inexpensive DIY at-home treatment you can indulge and pamper yourself with and reap the benefits. 

Possible Benefits of Dry Brushing:

It exfoliates the skin. No one likes rough, dry-looking skin. By incorporating dry brushing into your routine you can experience silkier, smoother feeling skin all year long.  Gently brushing the skin helps slough away dead skin cells and dry flaky skin leaving it smoother.

When you dry brush your skin, it encourages blood flow and aids the lymphatic system to efficiently eliminate the body of toxins.

Dry brushing, in conjunction with positive lifestyle changes, may reduce the appearance of cellulite.  There does not seem to be any solid research to back this claim up. Some feel that it has helped improve their not-so-perfect skin while others have a different opinion.

Some medical professionals have recommended dry skin brushing as a way to reduce anxiety and as a stress relief

Promotes wellness and happiness. If you have ever tried dry brushing your skin it feels really good. It’s even better if you can start off your day by dry brushing the skin. It’s invigorating for your skin, gets the circulation going, helps make you feel more relaxed and gets your day off to a positive start. It’s kind of like starting your day off with a full body massage. Since dry brushing stimulates and energizes your skin, the morning is the ideal time before you get in the shower.  

Accessories for Dry Brushing

Dry Brushing Technique

  • Use a natural bristle brush, not synthetic, on dry skin. The bristles should be fairly stiff, but not too hard. You want to include a brush that has a long handle so you can easily reach those hard-to-get areas. 
  • Start at your ankles and move up your legs, then work from the arms towards the chest.  Never dry brush your face because it is more sensitive unless you have a special brush for that purpose.
  • While the basic methodology of dry brushing involves brushing towards the heart, because that is the direction the lymph flows, there are other also other techniques that people use for varying reasons.
  •  On your stomach, use circular motions going clockwise.
  • Where your skin is thinner and more sensitive, use lighter pressure, and on thicker skin such as the soles of your feet, you may exert more pressure.
  • Once you are finished dry brushing, then take a cool shower.
  • Towel off lightly after your shower and then moisturize your skin.

It is important to avoid sensitive areas where your skin may have a rash, cut, or broken skin as this could lead to an infection.  If you have psoriasis, it is not recommended to dry brush your skin.

dry body brushing